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To: Me
From: Me

Consider writing a personal letter to yourself! You may be asking yourself, why would I do that? What would be the purpose of the letter? There are many uses of letter writing, especially in therapy, such as grief/ loss or regret.

One activity to try is writing a letter to your younger self.

Writing a letter to your younger self can help you work through “stuck points” in therapy and work towards healing a part of your inner self.

Since letter writing can trigger powerful emotions, this may be something to discuss with your therapist before attempting it on your own

Dear Me,

Begin by addressing yourself.

Show kindness and compassion to your younger self. Consider what you have experienced. What might you need to hear? Reflect on the experiences of your younger self. Consider how they have shaped the current version of yourself.

Acknowledge and name significant emotions you have experienced. Pain and heartache are big ones in the context of a relationship. Fear, possibly regret, is another big one in the context of big life decisions. Share lessons you have learned, the insight you have gained, and any advice you would like to give. Don’t be afraid; to be honest, and be vulnerable with yourself. While there may have been things that you wish you would have known back then or wish were different, things have already happened the way that they did. Perhaps you placed too much value on what others thought. Maybe your circumstances growing up were less than ideal. Traumatizing experiences impact the lens through which you view yourself. Remind yourself that you are worthy of being loved. Don’t doubt your self-worth. You are strong and resilient! Let yourself know all the qualities that you admire. Share with yourself how proud you are.

You get to choose the ending of your story.


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