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Providing you with unconditional support


The mission of Brooks Counseling is to provide unconditional support to individuals by helping
them overcome their life obstacles, in a nonjudgmental supportive way. I believe it is important
to meet every individual where they are today (Present) and help them achieve the goals, they

look forward to achieving (Future) tomorrow. It Is important to understand in our lives it is not
where we start that define us. We are truly defined by where we are going.

Trust the Process...

Take control of your life by overcoming the Five C’s and Challenge yourself to be better.
Generational patterns greatly influence the Five C’s. You can work to overcome these generational patterns.

Don’t be afraid to change your old habits and develop new ones. We often fear that if
we change, we will lose the best part of ourselves. This is not true; as we work together to
unpeel the layers of unhealthy patterns, we will work to understand why those patterns exist.
And what we can do to change the pattern without losing the best part of ourselves.


Lead with Compassion: Being compassionate towards yourself is important; self-compassion requires speaking to yourself positively. Take the time to respond
to the little girl or boy that is inside of you. You may be speaking to the little girl inside you who yearns for her father’s love, guidance, and approval. Or perhaps that young boy
forced to be a man when he needed to be loved and nurtured.


You are the author of your life. Step into the next Chapter: Whatever chapter you have found
yourself in today, please understand that your story has a meaning. This is the time to
take charge of your story and redefine yourself. Take time to understand the reason and season for your current chapter. As your therapist, I will be here to guide you.


Demand Consistency: Consistency from ourselves and those we allow in our lives. Consistency gives us security and keeps us feeling safe. We fear the unknown, and when relationships are unstable, we feel emotionally unsafe. Understanding unhealthy relationships may be the key to discovering harmony.

Lastly, Do you struggle with your finances? Credit- What is your relationship with Money?
Financial literacy impacts our health and self-esteem and contributes to our overall well-being.
Understanding your Credit will allow you to see how your debt may contribute to your


Personalized Care and Guidance

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